Monday, 10 August 2009

Squee-worthy Giveaway.

Awww, y'all. Srsly, giveaway on the Wunderkammer!!!

It's one of my favoritest blogs ever, and has engendered much Etsy-favoriting and sighing and wishing I was rich. And someday when I am, it will engender many purchases.

The thing is, y'all have to enter, because the more people that enter, the more prizes there are, and the one I want MOST (psht, like it's easy to pick) is pretty far down the list.

That would be this necklace:

Because, ya know, I loves me some drinkin'.

But if you're not about some liquor bling, there's a gift certificate, a leather crown (OMG I KNOW!!!) and a bustle skirt that'd look killer on me, actually.... among other treasures. Go play. Srsly.

Ha. Longest blog post in ages. I win.

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